Gori baby feeding cannery, brands “KULA” and “KULA BABY”

Gori baby feeding cannery located in the heart of raw materials base among clean mountainous area in Georgia – big part of vegetables and fruits grown in own gardens, and the rest is bought directly from farmers. This makes it possible to produce clean high-quality products without preservatives, emulsifiers and chemical additives.

The factory has many years experience in fruit and vegetable preservation and child nutrition. All products are manufactured according to GOST and are represented by brands “KULA” and “KULA BABY”. Products are tested in independent laboratories and have the quality certificates and certificates of conformity. Certificated in Ukraine.

Today assortment line is more than 70 positions that are sold in 19 countries.

In Ukraine there are 49 product items.

The uniqueness of all products under the trademark «KULA» consists in the fact that for the production of juices, sauces and seasonings are used:

  • CLEAN fruit, vegetables and fruit not treated with chemicals during the growth
  • All fruits, vegetables and herbs during the production are washed three times with spring water
  • In-house laboratory that monitors products quality at all stages of production
  • Microbiological control
  • Glass containers, which help to maintain healthy and taste quality of products
  • Juices and jams TM «KULA» in addition to an exquisite taste and quality have medical and prophylactic properties.